Friday, 2 October 2015

Mood Of 1st October 2015

Everything went peace you know. Everything.
Never though of we'll meet in this situation. Kind of sudden. Kind of fate? Kind of coincidence.

As usual. We talked like how we used to be. But I know all the way you were just pretending. Pretending you're fine. Silly jokes. All the time. I knew it.
Everyone told me, be appreciate what you have right at the moment. Be appreciate who treat you nice and well. Treasure the person you have. My situation might a little complicated and people would always judge it by words of theory.
I am really appreciate that both of us know well how was the situation goes on.
As long as only you and I know the true feeling toward each of us. Thats more than enough.

It feels like a dream. With real feeling yet with a little unreal. But the truth is, it is real. Perfectly real.
Thank you. Is all I wanna say. And...