Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I wish to...

Well, instead of boxing, the best way to help me release all my stress and madness will be the only one- badminton. Cause I dont know how to box yet  it's hurting me by punch it informally. Meanwhile, I wont take it as a tool to relieve my emotional. Badminton talk about think, skills, and mindset.  I was decided to go for badminton after two or three weeks after because I really miss it. Another way round, instead of facing you, I prefer avoiding you. 


给我一个理由忘记, 那么爱我的你.
给我一个理由放弃, 当时做的决定.


最痛的距离, 是你不在身边 却在我的心里.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Little boy.

I never give anyone hope yet you're just self-creating hope to you from me.

You're the fourth person which able to make me willing to story about myself to you.

If what you think that's really bad or worst, think again. Is that every girl you meet has to be liked as the prior purpose? Then what's the meaning of best friend? Soul-mate?

I always wish to have a brother no matter younger or elder.
I will bully my elder brother as possible as I can.
I will treat my younger brother as well as I can.
Fight with him, argue for something and end up with annoying words.
We can make people jealous even though we are not each other's life partner.
We can take care of each other, study together, work out together, hide secret from parents together, do silly stuffs together.

It's just another part of my little story.
Don't take it too serious. I doesn't want anything.
And I'm not forcing.
I'm just expressing.

I love my brother equivalent to how much you love your sister.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

爱我的人. 谢谢‘你们’