Thursday, 25 December 2014

Gift or fate?

The very first time that so luckily I won a lucky draw prizes in my twenty years life.
Excited, appreciate, amazing, and wondering.
I was wondering the prizes I got.
I was wondering why.

Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia by Shangri-La with compliments:
-A two adult tickets to Legoland Theme Park.
-Two days one night stay in a deluxe room with two buffet breakfast.

Fate? I just can't understand why it have to be Johor. Why don't they just get me a day overnight at Shangri-la Hotel at Putrajaya?
The story starts here, while having our 'last call' session, the management start doing their second lucky draw section. We were chatting our story again and again. Suddenly he do predict something after our topic relevant to a johor guy. 'Joan Miko' was called by the emcee. My reaction was just looks like a nerd like couldn't feel the tsunami is coming == and when my friend 'wake me up' and asked me to collect the prizes. That's really shoik me.
The very first time I become a lucky winner in my life.
I have no idea is that a great Christmas gift for me, or..
it is a fate which asking me or giving me an answer..?

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