Saturday, 20 December 2014

A place. No one knows me.

Indeed, imma bitch. Obviously I am. Don't ask why. 

Everyone is special for me. I'm glad I did something that you've been looking for so long since you're so special for me. Should be happy. Cause I'm the only one can do that. 

What you gonna ask for my specialities. I would include this-hurting someone. I guess no need definition or examples unless you wanna figure it out how is it. 

I'm really sick of these stuffs. Maybe someone is right. I'm not ready yet. Or should say, I haven't let go, forget yet. 


Sick of crying, sick of being mad. 
'If you miss Someone, just call him'
Can I say what the fuck is this theory? 
Sense of logic please, in this case we need to depends on situation as well. There are many uncertainty you have to concern about before you make the call. He/she have a girlfriend/boyfriend dy? Will he/she willing to pick up my phone? You can't even know whether people are willing to answer you. People are cleaning relationship with you and you're now trying to interrupt again? Come on. Wake up please. You just like putting a shit into your mouth. 

Yea, I can blame on no one. What I have today, thank you for my not preserve enough. Greedy bitch. What you have is created by your own. 

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