Monday, 23 December 2013


What I think is just to try something new although it pay me nothing some more I need to spend my entire day and physical power. Lovely weather with excited frame of mind. What a lovely Saturday. Spent about total seven hours for the entire return and back trip to sekinchan just for two and a half hours photo shooting. Give up a very big chances of opportunity that the salary was satisfy. Seeking for jobs not only think to get as lot of money as I wants. What I wants, it's always cant fulfil me. Just wish something I plan can go smoothly as I think. But it seems like need to work more and more harder. I have no idea what should I do next yet I'm just follow the steps that I should go. Maybe.

Found that longer face to electronic devices are hurting me so much. Books, natural view are the best choices ever. 

Busy is better than doing nothing. I always admitted it. Doing nothing it just like abandoning yourself in such a wonderful world. You do nothing, you gain nothing. Although it just a photo shooting, sounds like you just need to do posing and smile to the camera or even no. After the button is clicked, then you just forget about it. You can truly feel it when you're standing in front of the camera. Excited while before or after the button is clicked. Curios with the shooting results. Chatting with photographers can get many information not just relevant to photography. Make friends. See through the social. Look into the world.

Fine, just ignore my tooth I know it's ugly. Or anyone else willing to sponsor me? And my eyebagsss. I'll gonna cut it off. Ishh.

It's a bit weird cause personally feel that the legging is not pretty well. Too bad the coat have no pockets. Ignore my chubby face. Was sweating. Luckily didn't capture any bugs due to the lighting effect. Or maybe it has been edited by photographers? No idea.

Yuki Teh, Another pretty girl I met. Well, admit than I'm not that open as her. So...
I'm sexy type. If I do, it's really do (ahaha) Just kidding. Ignore me == prefer casual, emo, cool, up-sad and etc. Just that kind of categories such as > my blog's photo. Wakaka. It is the most and most favour photo in my life. I love that feel, I love that pose, I love that eye sigh, I love my impression, I love the colour balance.

More to come. Hopefully enjoy :) It's time to let myself busy for long long while. Thank you Joan.

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