Monday, 23 December 2013


What I think is just to try something new although it pay me nothing some more I need to spend my entire day and physical power. Lovely weather with excited frame of mind. What a lovely Saturday. Spent about total seven hours for the entire return and back trip to sekinchan just for two and a half hours photo shooting. Give up a very big chances of opportunity that the salary was satisfy. Seeking for jobs not only think to get as lot of money as I wants. What I wants, it's always cant fulfil me. Just wish something I plan can go smoothly as I think. But it seems like need to work more and more harder. I have no idea what should I do next yet I'm just follow the steps that I should go. Maybe.

Found that longer face to electronic devices are hurting me so much. Books, natural view are the best choices ever. 

Busy is better than doing nothing. I always admitted it. Doing nothing it just like abandoning yourself in such a wonderful world. You do nothing, you gain nothing. Although it just a photo shooting, sounds like you just need to do posing and smile to the camera or even no. After the button is clicked, then you just forget about it. You can truly feel it when you're standing in front of the camera. Excited while before or after the button is clicked. Curios with the shooting results. Chatting with photographers can get many information not just relevant to photography. Make friends. See through the social. Look into the world.

Fine, just ignore my tooth I know it's ugly. Or anyone else willing to sponsor me? And my eyebagsss. I'll gonna cut it off. Ishh.

It's a bit weird cause personally feel that the legging is not pretty well. Too bad the coat have no pockets. Ignore my chubby face. Was sweating. Luckily didn't capture any bugs due to the lighting effect. Or maybe it has been edited by photographers? No idea.

Yuki Teh, Another pretty girl I met. Well, admit than I'm not that open as her. So...
I'm sexy type. If I do, it's really do (ahaha) Just kidding. Ignore me == prefer casual, emo, cool, up-sad and etc. Just that kind of categories such as > my blog's photo. Wakaka. It is the most and most favour photo in my life. I love that feel, I love that pose, I love that eye sigh, I love my impression, I love the colour balance.

More to come. Hopefully enjoy :) It's time to let myself busy for long long while. Thank you Joan.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


「每次旅行中,我會刻意讓自己有一個獨處的時空,企圖找回那個自我的存在感。」-美食作家 謝忠道

「旅行這種事大多是相當累人的。不過有些知識是疲累之後才能親自學到的。有些喜悅是筋疲力盡後才能獲得的。這是我繼續旅行所得到的真理。」-日本作家 村上春樹

「對我來說,重點不是出發去那裡旅行,而是出發。我是為旅行而旅行。最棒的事就是前進。」- 蘇格蘭詩人、旅遊作家 羅伯特.路易士.史蒂文森

「很明顯的,旅行不只是看風景,而是不歇止地改變我們對於生活的想法,深刻又長久。」-美國作家 米莉安.畢爾德

「我想,到一個我尚未去過的地方,我就會快樂起來。」- 法國詩人 波特萊爾

「旅行幫助我們找回自己。」-法國小說家 卡繆

「旅行只有一種,即是走入你自己的內在之旅。」- 德國詩人 里爾克
「世界是本書,不從旅行獲得充足,而是為了心靈獲得休息。」- 羅馬共和國演說家、政治家 西塞羅

「旅行是一件讓人感到有趣的事。在旅行中,你總是可以發現你沒看過的新事物,一直都很有趣。你從一個地方到一個地方,永遠有很多新的事物等著你。」-Lonely Planet創辦人 東尼.惠勒

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I was wondering, if the world have no such things so called as 'relationship' and it will never appear. How the world will become? No such things called loves, relatives, friends and more. I believe everything starts from a relationship.
Relationship between employer and employee.
Relationship between mum and dad.
Relationship between brother and sister.
Relationship between son and daughter.
Relationship between teacher and student.
Relationship between friend and enemy.
Relationship between a boy and a girl.

Everything starts from this such thing. One day, we may figure out the world will become much more better without 'relationship'. Everyone trapped by relationship. Do you agree with me? It may makes you feel better because you may feel loneliness yet it may destroy you as well.