Tuesday, 8 October 2013

After the trip back from Phuket was quite debauchery. Planning to have work but it doesn't goes what I planned and expected. Something that I found to do which just do the cleaning of every corner in the house. And I found that I was so enjoying in doing cleaning stuff. Cleaning, arranging, fixing, decorating. Just love it. Although its tiring honestly I'm loving it so much. Anyway, sembreak going to finish soon. School going to start soon. Hopefully i can get my offer letter A.S.A.P. Just feel a bit annoying and nervous. Nothing to worry perhaps. 

My time have completely turned. Need something to help my correct it back. What is waiting for me I need to figure out myself. The appetence of travelling was so strong. What I hope was just travelling. Real life burden are making me so helpless. 

Really helpless. 
Pray for everything go smooth

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