Tuesday, 9 July 2013


  A journey start from 30th of May. Now, is 9th of July. It has been 40days ago. The very first time we didn't meet each other for this kind of reason. You know what, you make me miss you so much. A guy I met who fall in a deep deep love with me just like when I first met you. Do you still remember? The feeling was the same. Do you still remember? I really though we can be together as what we expected. But it's cruel. Wish to know more about your feelings on me. Hopefully that's something I can do to attract you, Again.

  Appreciate to all memories you given and created by us. But it's pain. Deep and deep. And deep. Everything you gave is just around me and I am using it everywhere, everyday, every moment. I can't change them. Nothing can be replace that what you have gave to me. How are you, I would like to ask for now. You know what, I can feel I've change but not a lot. Every change is all because of you. I would really want to ask is that truth? But I don't think so. The main reason I wanna change is not more than because of you anymore.

  I have too many of 'complicated', 'negative', 'impossible', 'fantasy', 'weird' thinking in my mind. They just popping out every single moment frequently. I really did not think it purposely. They just popping out. Trust me. I'm tiring of thinking such question. Unfortunately, I still have to solve it. Not now, maybe next, later or future. What they said, just leave it. Times will solve it slowly. Slowly. Slowly. And Slowly. How slow is it? Unsolvable question.

  Every guy I met give me too much. I wont think that 'wow, this is what I should get it' or 'of course, he needs to give me everything I want' or maybe 'he must fulfill my satisfaction or not, say bye please'. I am very deeply appreciate what I've got what I have and what I know. Appreciate so much for them. You guys didn't me ANYTHING. Please don't tell me because you love me therefore you are willing to pay off anything for me. Please don't.

  The blog is alive. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the blog.
  Enjoy my world.