Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A part of my life- Badminton

I have been studying UTAR foundation in pj going to half year.. The 1st semester has passed.. Between this, I meet a new badminton team.. While now I don't know everyone very well but just some of them.. They are very nice and fun.. Feel relax with them no matter what we talking about..

The 1st game I play with them-Masiswa sport carnival at nilai university.. The 1st time I staying hostel with them.. I had have these kind of experience before but not in so freedom since that was still in secondary school..

The most differ things is the communication between us compare to my secondary's team.. We got anything to say.. I like that..

I love them so much that i just suddenly realise.. Thx for leader giving me the chance to join them and give me the chance to join the match and game and more..

I hope this love will going on without any obstruct.. Hoping..