Friday, 16 March 2012


It's make me annoying everyday every hours every minutes every second and every moment.. If I'm still CH.. How will I be now? It's a quite interesting question ;)) anyway.. These were what I choose.. I'll face it!

I'll never give up for anything I hope for.. My dreams will not be come true but one day, I'll present it for everyone while it's not even perfect to me..

All I need to do is keep on going.. That's all.. Just thru a short conversation, a little girl tough me.. Everything, I just want to keep trying..
And I'll tell myself.. Keep trying even I can't assure whether will it be success.. Don't even give up the sea just because of a polluted running stream.. ( i think is same with the forest gua x/ ) No worth..!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

March :))

So miss the day I'm still schooling..
The teachers and friends..

Now I'm knowing how nice to study in secondary school and how crazy we've been done in our school life..

Miss you all do much!!
Few more days~ I'm gonna back:))