Thursday, 1 December 2011

I Hope More then ever - Parents

i dreams for many
i love my parents
i hope to sucess
no one can be sucessfully in any both of part
you get one
you may lost other
world is fair
i trust it
never steal any things
or not you will lost those things that you love

i will use my own power and ability to let mom and dad live more better then before
i'm not borned in a rich family
but i borned in a lovely family
my parents not rich as somebody's parents
they love me care about me more then other no matter my boyfriend
they growed me up and i'm a big big girl now
i knew their feel seem i'm getting bigger
they try to work hard save more use less
just because they hope to get more money to let me study a better secondary school
collage or university
they really try hard and think many ways just because i'm their daughter
i'm their child

i will really really work hard earn more money
as good to my future
as good for my parents

i really love them
they are always mine..

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