Wednesday, 22 June 2011

i acknowledge...admit...

i acknowledge
i'm worst...
i admit
i'm not better then anyone

i will try to do my best and best and best

but i cant believe in myself
i make myself disappointed

i'm foolish
i'm selfish
i'm jealous about someone

Monday, 20 June 2011

618 ♥

the most sensive number for me
dont know why
just the day of my birthday
and dad, ah lai, tsuey ning too
nothing special
maybe the humanrelationship of me is not good enough
so glad i was borned at the day of before 17years
i'm 17
whats special for 17?
what can do in 17?
study, study and study
maybe thats still have many things are waiting for me to complete it
how and what is the future of mine
no one will knew it
just accept it
green lantern
what a horrible monster~
how a smart and handsome lantern at AO planet!
love it
he's cute!!!
and i love his muscle so much!!!
ps: better do that too
or will be fire!
good night 618
thankz for my all fellow friends...