Friday, 12 February 2010

Finally~(for someone that was just a past always in my heart...) 11:19 pm...he find me on msn...we both have no chat with each other been a long time ago~just can say...i'm not sure about my feeling i scare? embarrassed? or still mind with the past with him? i really dont know...since he told me that he still have visited my blog sometimes...i feel comfort...but...i cant do anythings we just a friend...but we most look like a stranger...if i know that we both will become today like this situation...i would like to dont know who are you since before until now...i dont no that my fault or your wrong? till now we both still cant have a very certain reason for ourselves...i just wanna know is that my fault or had i done anything wrong with you? i just wanna know a certainly and perfect answer...
But...our things was just a past tenses now...i'm happy that we can chat on msn so long about 54minutes...we really have no chat with both so long~ but i really hope that we can face to face talk and chat with each other some are such a good guy...dont always thought you're not good or really are such a good guy...'re form 6 now...i heard that you're quit busy for exam now...add oil for everythings you do...always takecare of yourself...and... (for someone that once was the person who very important for me... )

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  1. Hey friend happy valentine day & chinese new year, u hv a nice blog here, nice to meet u, wish all the best to u 6-^


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